Single Language Sessions

8 weeks to New Language Skills

Spring I & II: Jan-Mar & Mar-May
Fall I & II: Aug-Oct & Oct-Dec

Did you miss the start of the Semester Program, or are unable to join for all five months, but you’re ready to get started on your language journey now? Join me for a complete 8-week session with small group coaching or 1:1 coaching and experience no-stress language learning that gets you real results from day one!

All of my classes are taught with a natural approach. Once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to look at other language learning methods the same.

Currently Open: Fall II 2019
Upcoming: Spring I 2020
English | Spanish


Monthly or upfront payment options available at each level. Students automatically receive unlimited access to the exclusive, online language-learning NBLC Student Community group on Facebook, typically only available by subscription.

(Looking for the Language Semester Program? Click here. For individual 1:1 coaching sessions without course enrollment, schedule directly here.)


Group Coaching

Fall II Session 2019

With small group language coaching, you’ll get:

>> LIFETIME ACCESS to all complete course videos, along with;
>> Presentation slides for each class;
>> Custom class documents and extra practice options for each class;
>> Access to the exclusive online student community;
>> Live, weekly small group language coaching for EACH week of the course;
>> Instant feedback through recorded coaching sessions;
>> Convenient picture file of ALL notes taken during the live session;
>> LIFETIME ACCESS to language coaching video sessions;

>> BONUS introduction group coaching session to kick off the course!

Save your spot in the next course now. Fall II Enrollment closes October 16, 2019.


1:1 Coaching

Fall II Session 2019

With 1:1 language coaching, you’ll get:

>> LIFETIME ACCESS to all complete course videos, along with;
>> Presentation slides for each class;
>> Custom class documents and extra practice options for each class;
>> Unlimited access to the exclusive student community;
>> One private 50-minute Language Coaching session per week during the course;
>> Instant feedback through recorded coaching sessions;
>> Additional individual, written feedback on your practice;
>> Convenient picture file of ALL notes taken during the live session;
>> LIFETIME ACCESS to language coaching video sessions;

>> BONUS introduction group AND 1:1 coaching session to kick off the course!

Limited 1:1 Coaching Spots available. Reserve your place now. Fall II Enrollment closes October 16, 2019.



+ How do I select my language and level?

Whether you’re an English or a Spanish student, I have a course at the perfect level for you. Once you enroll in the Group or 1:1 Coaching option for the session or the semester, you will be able to select your course(s) at the Beginning-Intermediate, Intermediate, or Intermediate-Advanced level in English or Spanish. It’s also possible to start a semester at one level and move up to the next level mid-semester.

Not sure which level is best for you to start at? Schedule a consult with me!

+ What's the schedule of classes?

Summer Session runs the first week of June through the last week of July. Spring Semester runs the third week of January through the third week of May, with a one-week break in mid-March. Fall Semester runs the second week of August through the third week of December, with a one-week break in October.

Each week during a session or semester course, you’ll receive a new class video on Mondays. There are 8 class videos in an 8-week session and 16 class videos in a semester. On top of your class videos, each week you’ll also have a live language coaching session scheduled, according to your group or 1:1 enrollment. Our first live coaching session will kick off the course with an introduction, and then we’ll focus on putting the skills you are gaining into practice each week! This is also open coaching, so you are welcome to ask any and all questions, whether from that week’s class video, previous classes, or outside experiences.

+ How do I access my classes?

You will receive a personal login to your course page at the start of the session. During the session or semester, a new class video will be released and available via your course page on Mondays. You can login whenever you’d like to access these class videos and supplemental documents.

You can watch new class videos as soon as they become available, or whenever is most convenient for you throughout the week. You have lifetime access to each course you enroll in, so you can revisit and re-watch classes as many times as you like!

+ How do I access my class documents?

Each class comes with an accompanying presentation, documents and extra practice options, all available as .pdf links, and conveniently located alongside each class video. You can print out your documents if you prefer hardcopies, or you can view them on your device.

+ Why is it better to learn a language online?

It’s not that it’s strictly better to learn a language online, but it does provide much more value and flexibility that leads to better results, especially for my busy adult students.

In terms of value, you not only get an incredible course experience, but you get lifetime access to it. With in-person classes, you only get to experience each class once, and then it’s over. With online classes, you can continue to benefit from the course and repeat your practice forever, just by enrolling (and paying) once. You also get amazing feedback by getting to review yourself and other students in the recorded live language coaching sessions!

The flexibility of online courses can’t be beat, especially for adults who work, who are parents, and/or who travel. Your ability to learn a language with a real, highly experienced and effective language coach (not just with an app or independent method) is no longer dependent on your ability to show up in the same physical location at the same time each week.

As a bonus, our online format also allows me to bring you classes from different locations in the world, including various English- and Spanish-speaking countries! You get to learn, discover and explore alongside me.

+ What kind of tech do I need?

You just need the basics: an internet connection and a device to connect to it, such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

You will get the most out of your coaching experience if you can also connect with a video and audio, although it’s not necessary. A built-in video and mic on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer works just as well as a separate webcam and/or headphones with microphone.

If you don’t have video and audio, you can still listen in on live language coaching sessions and type in your comments in the chat. This also works great if you’re connecting mid-work day!

+ What's the live group coaching schedule?

The live coaching schedule for each language and level course is unique, and is listed with each individual English/Spanish level course that you schedule after enrolling in group coaching for a session or semester. The schedule is subject to change throughout a session or course, and I like to accomodate it specifically to the best schedule for active students in any given session whenever possible.

In general, the Summer and Fall Live Group Coaching Schedule is as follows, subject to change:

  • Beginning-Intermediate Spanish: Tuesdays, 12:00p PST
  • Intermediate Spanish: Thursdays, 12:00p PST
  • Intermediate-Advanced Spanish (El Club de Libros): Tuesdays, 5:30p PST
  • Beginning-Intermediate English: Thursdays, 4:30p PST
  • Intermediate English: Tuesdays 4:30p PST
  • Intermediate-Advanced English: Thursdays, 5:30p PST

+ What's the 1:1 live coaching schedule?

Our 1:1 coaching schedule is determined between you, the student, and me, the coach! While this is by far the most flexible option, I do recommend that we start by finding a time that can be our consistent “base” schedule throughout the session to avoid scheduling difficulties. My 24-hour cancellation policy does apply to any last-minute cancellations or rescheduling of 1:1 coaching sessions.

+ What if my schedule changes or I can't complete a session?

Good news! Once you are enrolled in a session or semester, you will receive lifetime access to all the course videos and documents for that session or semester. I understand that, as busy adults, sometimes events happen beyond our control and our schedule needs to change. That’s why it was so important to me to create a comprehensive course that will continue to bring you value and be accessible to you beyond the live schedule. With my online courses, you never have to miss a class again.

Due to the nature of online courses, no refunds are available once payment is received and/or course access has been granted. Please review my full terms and conditions for course enrollment, payment, refunds, and cancellations, and other helpful legal terms here. (Also available at the bottom of each page on my website, and on each enrollment page.)


Questions that I didn’t answer above? Please contact me.