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The Magic of Storytelling [Spanish]

A 3-Day Online masterClass


Have you ever wondered what you were really capable of?

What you could accomplish if you had the time, opportunity, or determination?

Maybe you thought it’d be awesome to know a second language, but didn’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve been trying to learn one already but just can’t get past a certain limit where it just starts to flow.

You, my friend, are more capable than you know. And it doesn’t take loads of time. In just three days of my masterclass, you’ll gain new confidence in your innate ability and see what your brain can do for you.

Instead of relying on your determination, feel how easy it is to accomplish a goal with appropriate motivation.

This opportunity is here for you now, completely FREE for the next 3 days. You don’t want to miss this.

Come experience what’s possible with The Magic of Storytelling.



What it is:

A 3-Day Online Masterclass to build new language skills, confidence, and to experience the thrill of communicating and thinking entirely in a new language.


Who it’s for:

New and experienced language learners alike who want to gain more confidence and enjoy the language learning process. This class is accessible to beginning students, but ALL levels will benefit from the language coaching, immersive style, and practice offered!


When it’s happening:

  • Thursday, August 8: Your first class arrives in your inbox. Enjoy!

  • Friday, August 9: Your second class arrives in your inbox. Enjoy!

  • Saturday, August 10: Vamos! Your third class is a LIVE one-hour online language coaching session with me, Nikki! Receive personalized language coaching and get real conversational practice with all that you learned in the first part of the Masterclass.



Hola! Soy Nikki.

I am a language coach specializing in spanish and english as second languages. as a native english speaker, i understand the learning process for spanish as a second language very well. it is my absolute joy to change lives and make the world a better place by helping people connect with each other, gain confidence in themselves, and open up new opportunities through learning a second language.

the natural approach to language learning you’ll experience in my masterclass is unlike any other. it is uniquely designed to take you on a stress-free language journey that gets you the results you want: fluency in a second language, and the confidence to use it.

No Stress. just results.

are you ready to try it?!