¡Bienvenidos al curso!

Welcome to the course!

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For questions or comments, please visit my online student community on Facebook where I will be happy to respond to you personally!


I’m so excited you’re here to grow your Spanish language skills with a 3-part dive into the Past, the Present and the Future.

I’m Nikki, and I will be your guide on this language journey! (New to coaching with me? Click here to read my personal introduction letter to you.)

A few helpful things before we begin…

  • Each module of this course contains the following:

    • Class video

      • This is the good stuff! Remember you can pause, replay, take notes, and come back to each video as often as you like.

    • Class presentation

      • Your class presentation documents go along with each of the screens you see in the class video. You can print out or save any screens that you find helpful for reference.

    • Class documents & extra practice

      • Your class documents supplement your class experience. You may want to pull up or print out your documents before you begin each class video.

      • Each module has extra practice options to help you put your new Spanish skills to use! You can share your extra practice with me in our online student community on Facebook, and I will give you personal feedback and coaching! Just click the button in the top of the sidebar to the right (or below on mobile) to visit the group.

The more you’re able to put into your Spanish journey, the more you’ll get out of it! I am so excited to coach you to new language skills and confidence in using them.

Always let me know if you have ANY questions. You can leave me a comment in the module, or ask me in our student community on Facebook!

I’ll see you in module one!

Hasta pronto,



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