Celebrating 2018: Success in Review (and how to achieve your goals using grammar)

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Celebrating 2018:

Success in Review

I love New Year’s: it’s one of those special times where self-reflection and goal-setting seem to come naturally, and I hear all kinds of inspirational stories from others doing the same thing.

I also love champagne, and I love celebrating! So please grab a glass of your favorite sparkling beverage, and cheers with me!

Some of what I’m celebrating at the end of 2018:

>> Making my vision for a language school that would allow adults to reach fluency in a second language effortlessly a reality

>> Learning the back end of building a business and the many new skills that came from doing it myself

>> The confidence I gained from working with new students and seeing their huge successes

>> The way I handled new conflict when it came up

>> The huge growth ACT Language Schools has experienced and the new vision it gave me for growth in 2019

>> The power I feel in showing up in new places in the world in two languages

>> The inspiration I created and received in friends, clients, and other business owners

Some things aren’t so much “successes” as they are gratitudes. [Yes, I’m making this a word, kind of like beatitudes.] Our brains tend to focus on the negative more than the positive, so as part of my brain re-train, I’m choosing to focus on being grateful and appreciating the positive!

Some specific gratitudes from 2018:

>> The extra sleep I got, lunch beers I had, and walks I took with my dog in the middle of the day

>> The truly happiest day of my life, my wedding day! **10*27*2018** and my amazing husband who supports me in the ways I most need it (including keeping his distance when I have a deadline I’m stressing over)

>> Every single one of my beautiful students who I had the privilege of working with this year and who have helped shape ACT Language Schools!

Tell me, what successes are you celebrating from this year? What are your gratitudes?

What kind of goals are you setting for 2019?

One tip toward achieving your goals is to write them in the future perfect tense (God, I love grammar).

For example:

>> I will have impacted over 200 adult language learners this year and helped them reach new levels of fluency in their second language

>> I will have traveled to at least one new place and scoped out some great travel locations and trip itineraries for future language coaching students

>> I will have gone on more regular adventures with my husband and my dog

>> I will have eaten at at least one other Michelin-starred restaurant

>> I will have found and played regularly with a competitive, female, local tennis partner

What would your goals look like phrased this way?

If one of your goals is to reach a new level of fluency in your second language, I’ve designed an amazing program for you! I’ll be sharing more about the new Language Semester Program in the New Year.

Now, imagine yourself celebrating these goals as your 2019 successes a year from now!

I can’t wait to cheers with you!

To your success, in 2019.


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