Nikki Bannister

Your Language Coach

Would you like to be able to communicate in a second language confidently - at work, in your community, or in a different country?

Does learning a second language seem like a lot of WORK? Have you tried before, and failed?

Do you ever feel like you're just "bad at languages," or that it's "too late" to learn a second language?

...Hi, I’m Nikki. Welcome to my online language coaching.

No Stress.

With my comprehensive language programs, you'll experience a stress-free, natural approach to a second language, with personal language coaching built around your specific language goals, whether for business, travel, or personal reasons. (We don't all want to ask where the train station is, do we?)

Just Results.

You'll get to experience the thrill of communicating entirely in a second language from day one, and you'll be motivated by your increasing confidence and fluency with every class!