Self-Paced Courses

English • Spanish

Enroll anytime. Learn at your own pace. Go on a language journey with me.

Ready to grow your second language skills to the next level, and want to work at your own pace? My comprehensive courses provide the ultimate in flexibility to make a second language a successful part of your lifestyle.

These courses are best for:

  • Students who want an intensive learning experience and can work through a course more quickly

  • Students who want to be able to slow down and take more time on each class, ensuring they have time to review and complete extra practice

  • Students who want an incredibly flexible course they can schedule their learning entirely around their lifestyle

  • New students who want to be able to experience a course before committing to a longer program with regular coaching, like the Language Semester Program or a Language Year

  • Students who like to work independently, but know they can reach out for help or schedule a private coaching session at any time

With each and every Self-Paced Course, you’ll get:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all complete course videos, along with;

  • Accompanying presentation slides for each class as helpful reference tools;

  • Supplemental class documents and carefully designed extra practice options for each class;

  • All of the above carefully presented to allow you to successfully learn independently;


  • Unlimited access to me for language coaching, and the opportunity to connect and practice with other language students through the private NBLC Student Community on Facebook!

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Spanish Courses

Beginning-Intermediate Spanish

Beginning-Intermediate I

Each Beginning-Intermediate 8-week course will help you build a strong foundation in Spanish, and allow you to communicate right away with increasing confidence.

Each 8-week course is unique, with different classes that allow you to approach our “high-frequency” (most used, most essential) Spanish vocabulary in different contexts so that you can truly acquire and master the language!

Coming Soon SBI2.png

Beginning-Intermediate II

Coming soon.


Beginning-Intermediate III

Coming October 2019.


Intermediate Spanish


Intermediate I

Coming soon.

Each 8-week Intermediate Course will help you build upon your Spanish foundation of most-used, most essential vocabulary with increasing ability to understand others and express yourself with more detail and accuracy.

As we move from a Beginning-Intermediate to an Advanced-Intermediate level throughout each 8-week course, you will find more opportunities for conversation. As your comprehension improves, our materials will shift from purely teacher-created to authentic Spanish-language text, audio and video.


Intermediate II

Coming soon.

Coming Soon SIIII.png

Intermediate III

Coming October 2019.


Intermediate-Advanced Spanish: El Club de Libros

Coming December 2019.

Our Intermediate-Advanced Courses are also known as “El Club de Libros,” and allow students to continue to improve their level of comprehension, vocabulary, personal expression, and overall ability to communicate with fluency in Spanish as a second language through entirely authentic text and materials.

Our focus is on Spanish-language literature, short stories, articles, and sometimes videos to build comprehension, present new vocabulary in context, and create new conversations.

All themes and vocabulary learned are applied in a personally relevant way.


English Courses

Beginning Intermediate English


Beginning-Intermediate I

Coming soon.

Más información y detalles del curso ya vienen.