A Natural Approach to Language

Learn a second language as naturally as you did your first.

Learn a second language as naturally as you did your first.

What is the natural approach?

Remember learning your first language? Probably not. It was a subconscious process! You were so focused on communicating (in order to get what you wanted) that you didn't notice all the work your brain was doing.

So it’s super easy and low-pressure?

Yes! Before you ever spoke your first word, you spent a significant amount of time hearing your first language spoken to you. We call this the ‘silent stage’ of language learning, and it’s all about just having fun and listening. Remember that half of language learning is understanding! After you hear it enough, you naturally start to repeat it (no memorization required). The more you hear and speak, the more accurate you get!


Start your stress-free language journey today!

Start your stress-free language journey today!

Learning a second, or a third, language is just as easy. And way faster.

The process is much faster for you as an adult than when you were a kid because you already understand how language works. As a second language learner, you need to hear the language and understand it, and you really need to use it to communicate what you want. This means you’re not going to be using scripted dialogues or only getting to use whatever your app/computer program gives you to practice. At ACT, you’ll be having real conversations about things you care and want to talk about, at every level of fluency.

Why is this better than other language classes and programs?

This means that instead of working through a textbook with grammar exercises and memorizing long lists of vocabulary, you learn by communicating in a meaningful way. Your vocabulary and grammar is acquired in context, and your teacher provides helpful explanations as reinforcement after you've already experienced the language for yourself!

The best part?

This natural language learning approach will get you thinking in the language - not about the languageright away in a stress-free acquisition process, and it will help you reach higher fluency faster than you could in a grammar-based class, or with a computer program! Plus - and this is my personal opinion - it’s WAY more fun!!